Nikolai Rybin

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Nikolai Rybin was born in Moscow. Music surrounded him right from the early childhood. His granny sang him Mozart’s lullabies and put on classics on the CD’s. Nikolai started to sing even before he said his first word. He’s singing literally everywhere. Nikolai always smiles and stays positive.

At the age of 5 Nikolai moved to London and entered UK school. In the beginning of his education he was introduced to classic pieces, because he started to take violin lessons. And after that, his musical world only grew bigger. Along with his mother, Nikolai attends music halls, Royal Opera House, perfomances of famous opera singers.

When Nikolai turned 8 years old, he became interested in the work of Andrea Bocelli, Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo and watched the concerts recordings of the great tenors on youtube. Nikolai learnt by heart pieces from their repertoirs and began taking professional lessons in singing. His vocal teacher is Alexia Mankovskaya. At 9 years old he won his first singing contest in the UK with the song “The walking in the air”.

Nikolai speaks russian and eglish fluently. He also learns italian and spanish. And of course, as for the boy, sport takes a significant place in his life. He is a captain of swimming school team and also plays tennis and football.


Vienna, Vienna
All for Autism Charity Concert
Alte Kaserne
Winterthur, Switzerland
Klassik Nuevo Festival
Hampstead Garden Suburb Free Church
London, UK
North London Festival of Music


Annual charity concert "All for Autism" was held in Musikverain in Vienna on the 4th of March 2018.
Nikolai Rybin performed the piece "Amapola" in duet with honorable tenor Ramon Vargas.
Sergei Lazarev, Yury Revich, Clemens Unterreiner and many others also took part in this meaningful event.
The great event "Woman of the Year 2017" was held in Vienna Rathaus. Nikolai Rybin was honored to perform the piece "Amapola" for the guests of the evening.
Nikolai Rybin participated in the charity event "Wings of hope", Evening Awards Concert in London.

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Audio & Video

Adagio Albinoni
Adagio Albinoni
Ombra Mai Fu by Nikolai Rybin
Over the rainbow by Nikolai Rybin
The 7th Elena Obraztsova International Competition
Adagio Premiere in Moscow
Seligkeit by Nikolai Rybin
Caro Mio Ben by Nikolai Rybin
Adagio by Nikolai Rybin


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